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      HAPPY WINTER TO ALL.  Stay warm, it's going to get cold up here. 

Thursday, February 26, 2015
8:33 AM The mountain got between 6"-8" of snow last night. We'll be getting Buck Mountain Road cleared first. If you can't get up or down to Pumpkin Run you won't be going anywhere anyway. There was some icing before snow at the entrance road. BE CAREFUL! Good news is there will be melt off and better temperatures later today. Be Safe!

-Rick Oetting

9:35 AM The entrance road is drivable with caution. Pumpkin Run has not been cleared, there is visible pavement with some ice where traffic has formed tire grooves. Recommend 4 wheel drive and slow speed if you must get off mountain during morning hours. U.S. 421 is clear. Be Safe.

FEB. 24,2015  ROADS


The roads are passable due to the efforts of Jay Patterson and Charlie Hayworth. 

Please note that there is a mixture of ice under snow.  The wet snow will melt and freeze.  NIGHT TIME TRAVEL WILL BE DIFFICULT. Please drive SLOWLY, use low gear where possible to keep your vehicle under control.  

A layer of chat will be placed over the scraped pavement to aid traction.

Advice: if it isn't necessary to get off mountain, stay put, at least until the weather warms up.  Thank you!  
Your Roads Committee!

Rick Oetting



Weather has made scraping roads necessary.  Large equipment cannot avoid pushing snow that blocks access to mail boxes.  Mail carriers may not be able to reach some boxes to deliver mail. It is the owners responsibility to have cleared around personal mail boxes to provide access to the carriers in all seasons, whether snow, rocks or weeds are the obstruction.  Otherwise, at this time, be patient for the snow to melt.  Anytime that you need mail assistance, you may let the post office know that you wish mail to be left at the POA office, 218 Doe Run, especially packages that don't fit into your mail box.  Please, your support for this effort to deliver mail more promptly will be appreciated.  Thank You!

February 16, 2015

We have Hayworth Construction standing by if the weather should be what is expected, SNOW & ICE!  PLEASE DRIVE SLOW AND ALLOW THE WORKERS AND EQUIPMENT SPACE TO DO THE JOB OF CLEARING THE ROADS.  The Chat Spreader will be used following the clearing of the road to reduce the effect of icing.  Again, do not crowd the equipment, slow down and pass with care!

Rick Oetting, Roads Manager

Established in 1995, Buck Mountain is a private, gated, residential community located in western Wilkes County, North Carolina.  Just 7 highway miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway, our homes are blessed with outstanding mountain views and/or beautiful cozy valleys.

Everything from comfortable cozy cabins to larger mountain homes can be found within the community.  Encompassing approximately 2,800 acres with over 600 individual tracts, Buck Mountain's rural atmosphere encourages a slower lifestyle.  Our community has it all - the conveniences of modern suburbia and the peace and quiet of country living.

Parks and Recreation

Hiking trails abound on Buck Mountain.  There is a beautiful waterfall with walking trails leading to the top and calm pools for resting weary feet on a hot day.  ATV trails run throughout the community.  Only property owners may use ATVs in Buck Mountain.  There is a pond for fishing (catch and release), a Pavilion for community or private get togethers, and a Memorial Garden to simply sit and enjoy the mountain atmosphere.  Beautiful views are around every bend. 


Local Attractions


Should you wish to explore the surrounding area,  enjoy the wonderful 'high country' of Boone.  Appalachian State University sits prominently at the north end of Boone.  King Street offers fun shops and unique dining.  About 10 miles to the south, you can enjoy Blowing Rock.  Not only a great place to see the vistas presented at the actual Blowing Rock, but you will find plenty of shopping and restaurants.  Blowing Rock provides the wonderful Tanger Outlet mall shopping, while downtown Blowing Rock offers quaint little specialty shops and intimate dining opportunities.   

There is plenty of skiing in the winter time on Beech Mountain and Sugar Mountain, and wonderful hiking on Grandfather mountain whenever the weather permits.  Summer fun includes tubing down the New River and other water sports on the surrounding lakes.  

For those who just wish to take a ride and enjoy beautiful views, the Blue Ridge Parkway is only about 5 miles from Buck Mountain.   There you will find lovely expansive views all along the Parkway.  

Come, be a part of something wonderful!

Map and Driving Directions
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